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Professional ampoules for hair

With frequent chemical and thermal influences on the scalp the structure of the curls suffers significant deformations. Ampoules for hair restoration from Brazil Prof will help you if you frequently blow-dry your hair, regularly color or lighten it. It is a professional, and at the same time affordable means for the care of strands. It contains complexes of ingredients, among which vegetable oils, keratin, silicone and other substances that have a restorative cosmetic effect are very common.

hair ampoulesRichee You Power Dose.

The line includes ampoules for hair with different compositions. They are aimed at restoring and nourishing depleted and unkempt hair.

The components used in ampoules for chemically damaged hair are phytantriol and panthenol. You can buy ampoule hair restorer by the piece (12 ml) or set of 6 ampoules. The effect of our means is aimed at increasing the elasticity and elasticity of hair.

Phytantriol improves the appearance of hair. As a cosmetic component, it increases the retention of moisture in the skin and promotes the penetration of vitamins and amino acids. Also the substance increases elasticity and gives shine, increases the content of panthenol and trace elements in the hair, makes curls silky, lush, has a sun protection effect.

Panthenol, in turn, affects the hair fibers, forming an elastic, tough layer that moisturizes and restores the structure. It easily penetrates into the stratum corneum of the skin, reduces its roughness, flaking, promotes easy combing.


FGZ Professional Dr.Therapy

When dyeing hair in shades of blonde, yellowing can occur. Its appearance is often caused by the use of low-quality or expired dye, improper dyeing or rinsing with rusty water, and lightening of dark strands. Exactly for the neutralization of yellowing you can order our concentrated ampoule restorer, corrector, which can eliminate the unpleasant shade effortlessly.

Also in professional procedures, Botox restorer with sericin (silk glue), liposomes can be a good help. These substances are able to build into the curls at the molecular level, and fully restore the framework destroyed by chemical damage.


The effect of ampoules

ampoules for hairTherapy for the curls is the use of Richee ampoules for treatment. Damaged strands and epidermis on the head can make you think of a short haircut that you don't want to do. But tresses can be quickly restored, moisturized and improved.

Hair care with ampoules is a new technology using natural ingredients. Dry or damaged curls need extra care, which can be done at home. With our cosmetics with anti-yellowing effect they will be healthy and beautiful. The product volume of one ampoule can be distributed for more than 10 applications.


Where to buy ampoules for hair in Europe

Ampoules for hair deliver to cities such as: Kyiv, Warsaw, Rome, London, Berlin, Budapest. You can pay in cash, cash on delivery or by bank card. You can make a transfer from any bank application. Data for payment will provide the manager after ordering.

Purpose of hair ampoules:

Purpose Price from
Recovery 4 EUR
For shine 4 EUR
Hair color protection 4 EUR
Hair Treatment 4 EUR
Dyeing 6 EUR
Nutrition 4 EUR
Smoothing 5 EUR
Thermal Protection 5 EUR
Tinting 4 EUR
Hydration 4 EUR
Strengthening 4 EUR
Thickening 4 EUR

Why use ampoules for hair?

They are used to solve a specific problem, or to maintain and nourish normal hair! Ampoules can be tailored to your hair type and intended use (dry hair solution, color protection, etc.).

What are the most popular ampoule brands you have?

Some of the most popular ampoule hair brands on our website are Richee Professional and Dr.Therapy (FGZ Professional).

What are the advantages of the online store

Prices from the official supplier. Certificate of quality. Ability to arrange the goods in installments or pay by installments. Personal manager.

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