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Professional Сold Botox for hair

Cold Botox for hair from Brazil Prof is a mask of unique components. The procedure with the use of cold botox is more gentle, and the result is of the same quality. It is worth mentioning that many people think about a haircut when their ends are damaged. However, this is wrong, because hair can be restored while maintaining its length. Our products are designed to help you protect and restore your locks.

cold hair botoxTyrrel honey

Honey is a cold complex, has a high carbohydrate content and also contains fruit acids, vitamins, thanks to this it has a regenerating potential for the scalp. In addition to it, the product contains collagen, proteins, amino acids.

Botox for hair cold with honey has a restorative as well as rejuvenating effect. This Brazilian cosmetic product contributes to the appearance of softness, elasticity, shine of strands. In addition, the cosmetic increases the density and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

If you are allergic to honey, it is better not to use this line. 



Cold Botox of this line is available in volumes of 250, 500, 1000 grams. Cosmetics are designed to restore the damaged areas of the strands, thicken their structure and most importantly moisturize. 

This product restores the damage that has been provoked by chemical procedures or harsh environmental factors. When using the Brazilian product of this line, shine appears, curls become soft, resistant to external influences such as UV, temperature changes, low-quality care products. 



Botox for hair from this series comes in volumes of 100 and 900 grams.

The active ingredient in these products is sericin. This is a protein that is part of silk. The cosmetics are also enriched with oils and amino acids. These products provide protection from the effects of aggressive external factors, eliminate frizz, and create an anti-yellowing effect. When using Radiance line products in hot technique, hair quality should not exceed 3rd-4th degree of damage. 



Also among the products of our store is a cold botox for hair with açai oil and seeds of the Brazilian Amazon - chestnut and macadamia. They smooth hair, reduce volume, control frizz, protect hair, and enhance the shades of blonde curls. The products contain high quality pigments against yellowing. Some products are used as a single product, others can be combined and combined.


Botox Matizador is part of a group of cosmetic products and is used on bleached hair that needs tinting. It can be used alone or in tandem with other pigmenting formulations.

The mask treatment also includes omega-4 and fatty acids that will make your hair healthy. The masks are suitable for all hair types, especially for dry and weakened hair.


How to use

You can use cold botox at home or in professional salons, but the technique is almost the same:


  • Apply the composition to damp, clean hair;
  • Massage with the pads of the fingers until the appearance of foam;
  • Comb the hair;
  • Leave it on for 10-30 minutes;
  • Rinse with water and dry your hair well.

cold hair botox

Only if you follow all the points will you get guaranteed results. Cold Botox for hair achieves the result of external regeneration as well as internal restoration, nourishment and shine. If you violate the technique, you can very badly damage the skin and scalp. Therefore, it is important to turn to professionals who properly perform this procedure using high-quality, tested and suitable for you cosmetic products.


Where to Buy in Europe

Cold botox for hair you can buy in our store and arrange delivery for cities such as: Warsaw, Rome, London, Budapest, Berlin, etc. You can pay by installments or by PayPal, MoneyGram, WesternUnion, Visa, MC, or via popular Ukrainian banks. Payment can be made by bank card transfer, cash, cash on delivery, through a cash register or self-service terminal, or via Internet-systems.

Brand Price from
Felps Professional 9 EUR
Brazilian Nuts 16 EUR
Richee Professional 17 EUR
Tyrrel Professional 45 EUR
Radiance Plus 8 EUR


Cold Botox prescription:

Prescription Price from
Straightening 8 EUR
Recovery 12 EUR
Detox 39 EUR
For shine 9 EUR
Hair color protection 12 EUR
Hair Treatment 12 EUR
 Nutrition 9 EUR
Smoothing 8 EUR
Toning 12 EUR
Hydration 9 EUR
Strengthening 8 EUR
Thickening 12 EUR


What type of scalp is cold botox hair suitable for?

There are cold botoxes suitable for all skin types. But first of all you need to look at the composition and purpose of the product for the scalp, among them there are: for sensitive, combined, normal and dry and oily!

What is the price of cold botox for hair?

The price of Botox varies. Depending on the composition, brand and volume, as well as other equally important criteria. Prices for cold botox for hair start from 8 EUR to 90 EUR.

What are the advantages of the online store brazil-prof.com

Prices from the official supplier. Certificate of quality. Ability to arrange the goods in installments or pay by installments. Personal manager.


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