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Professional hot botox for hair

Hot Botox for hair from Brazil Prof is suitable for all types of damaged hair. In just a few hours curls are transformed from depleted into healthy, shiny, full of strength. The hot iron will seal all the beneficial components of the hot botox composition to create vitality in the hair. The procedure will get rid of split ends, strengthen the hair follicles, thus allowing you to forget about hair loss. It will stimulate their growth, and also will get rid of the yellowish shade of blonde hair owners. When you use the compositions on porous hair cosmetics moisturize them, make them more manageable.

hot hair botoxYkas

In the online store Brazil Prof hot botox hair Ykas Btx Capilar Pro Repair Gold is available in volumes of 250 grams, 1 kilogram. So you can choose the right amount of product. Also available in our store is Ykas BBtox Liquid Hot Botox for Hair 250ml. Its feature is enriched with amino acids derived from chia seeds, flax seeds and quinoa. In general terms, cosmetics from Ykas restores strands, as well as deeply nourishes them. It smoothes a light wave and improves the curls on the entire length. It controls volume as well as protects from new damage.



We have the following products from this manufacturer: Felps Botox Brazilian Nuts 300g 1kg; Felps Okra XBTX Massa 500g, 1kg; Felps Brasil Cacau 500g. The last on the list has thermal protection properties and allows you not to worry about the quality of your curls if, for example, you want to make curls with a hot device. 

And mostly cosmetics are created on the basis of oils, which allows you to tame the average curl. The curl will be restored and strengthened along its entire length. The natural volume of the root volume will remain unchanged. Cosmetics from the manufacturer Phelps is designed to nourish your strands, straighten and moisturize.



Botox radiance plus is enriched with amino acids and oils. It is able to straighten many curls. When using this botox, blondes can get rid of yellowing. Botox for hot hair will eliminate frizz and create the effect of smooth, shiny hair. It has a rejuvenating effect.



Richee nanobotox repair has positive reviews and grants to conclude about the effectiveness of the cosmetic product. The lipid complex promotes smoothing of the wave. The process of using this hot botox is simple. The composition from Richee includes Murumuru oil. It is designed to fill in the hair voids to provide shine, nourishment and straightening of your hair. Working with this composition, you will forget about split ends and porosity of curly hair. This series of products is suitable for those who want to reconstruct hair and fill it with collagen. Botox will smooth out the wave and make up for the lack of useful micronutrients.

How protection works

The hot Botox procedure is performed using an iron heated to 230 degrees. After the procedure, the hair will be protected from external aggressors and high temperatures. Naughty, porous, curly curls will be deeply nourished, straightened and tamed. Hair will be filled with useful substances. The hot technique is comparable in its characteristics to the keratin straightening procedure. However, Botox prevails stronger restorative abilities.


Where to buy in Europe

hot botox

In Europe you can buy hot Botox for hair at an indulgent price in the online store Bras Prof. We make delivery in the following cities: Warsaw, Rome, London, Budapest, Berlin, etc. Our manager will advise and help you choose the right cosmetics. Contact us in chat or by phone numbers listed on the site.

Brand Price from
Felps Professional 14 EUR
Brazilian Nuts 16 EUR
Richee Professional 12 EUR
Ykas 12 EUR
Radiance Plus 8 EUR


Hair type:

Type Price from
Curly 12 EUR
Thick 12 EUR
Fat 12 EUR
Broken 12 EUR
Natural 12 EUR
Naughty 12 EUR
Normal 12 EUR
Dyed 12 EUR
Damaged 12 EUR
Blond 12 EUR
Brightened 12 EUR
Dry 12 EUR
Thin 12 EUR
Sensitive 12 EUR
Fat 12 EUR


What type of scalp is hot botox for hair?

There are hot botoxes suitable for all skin types. But first of all you need to look at the composition and purpose of the product for the scalp, among them there are: for sensitive, combined, normal and dry!

What is the price of hot botox for hair?

The price of Botox varies. Depending on the composition, brand and volume, as well as other equally important criteria. Prices for hot botox for hair start from 9 EUR to 90 EUR.

What are the advantages of the online store brazil-prof.com

Prices from the official supplier. Certificate of quality. Ability to arrange the goods pay by installments. Personal manager.


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