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Online store keratin and professional hair cosmetics

Thick, silky, well-groomed, healthy hair - this should be the result of the client's request to your salon. Shiny curls without split ends and application of scissors - a reality, if you choose professional cosmetics for hair. Ukraine can now reveal the secrets of thick, bouncy hair of Brazilian women, thanks to our catalog Brazil-Prof.

For what purposes

All professional hair products are aimed at strengthening, nourishing and general "recovery" of each strand of your hair. And the improvements will be not only visual (they are noticeable after the first treatment), but also structural. Specific products are chosen for different purposes:

  • For straightening - keratin, Botox, nanoplastic;
  • For coloring, returning the depth and saturation of color - toning masks, restorative fluids, shampoos, conditioners;
  • For detoxifying hair - detoxes, deep cleaning shampoos;
  • For everyday home care - shampoos, masks, conditioners, balms, conditioners.

Buy professional hair care products can be universal or for a particular type of hair and scalp. This is a guarantee of the health of your hair and even merciless procedures curling, bleaching, styling will be safe for the hair. It is important for a qualified master to find the best composition exactly for your hair.

Subtleties and recommendations on the choice of professional cosmetics for hair

The beauty industry is actively developing, offering more and more new salon procedures for the preservation of your beauty. It is better to rely on the professional hairdressers, stylists and rely on their skills, knowledge and abilities. It is to them, as well as newcomers to the industry, a few tips:

  • Study the best professional hair products of different brands, get acquainted with the compositions, manufacturers' recommendations;
  • Choose brands that have won a good reputation on the world market. Own laboratory, natural ingredient base, precise quality control, and certification are the prerequisites;
  • Buy only from official dealers. This is a guarantee of product authenticity, the opportunity to get practical skills in handling the product.

Advantages of online store of professional cosmetics for hair Brazil-Prof

Brazil-Prof, LLC is the official distributor of products of Brazilian developers Felps Professional, Richee Professional, Soller, Dr. Therapy (FGZ Professional), etc.

Brazil is the origin of professional hair care (all procedures of full complex hair protection, restoration, keratin straightening, Botox, nanoplasty). Professional cosmetics consists of special active ingredients, natural extracts, vitamin complexes - specially designed and tested formulas for deep and rapid hair reconstruction, regeneration of the scalp matrix.

Why Brazil?

  1. A wide range of cosmetics. 
  2. Official representative of famous Brazilian brands. The company is actively introducing new services and improving the quality standards of service in the beauty-industry.
  3. Availability - professional cosmetics for hair (Ukraine is fully included in the geography of goods delivery) will be sent by postal services to any corner of the country.
  4. Innovation. World technologies, authors of different techniques of work with keratin, nano-plastic regularly share their experience with our masters, and we - with you at the training courses, seminars in training centers, at Academy, school on keratin hair straightening and hair restoration.


Shopping with Brazil-Prof

Our online store of professional hair care products is a convenient service of quick product search, study its characteristics and completing orders of any scale (retail and wholesale purchases). The cost of cosmetics is optimal, because we work directly with manufacturers without intermediaries. Guarantee the quality and originality of certified compounds.

Our professional hair store will be a godsend for those who are looking for high quality products for home care and for masters who wish to attract clients with flawless performance of different techniques of hair restoration, straightening, Botox. Training for beginners from scratch, special conditions for partners, the possibility of payment in installments and in installments.

Focus on improving your professionalism and leave the organizational aspects to us. Our specialists will help you choose the cosmetics within the planned budget. We organize the delivery of orders in Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, Zaporizhzhia. Whether you are a large beauty salon, small hairdresser, private beauty shop - we have the tools and professional products for different scenarios.


What brands are represented in Brazil-Prof?


The most popular product categories?


Who are our products suitable for?

Beauty salons, stylists, hair stylists, private individuals for home use.


What are the benefits of the online store

Official supplier prices. Quality certificate. Opportunity to buy the goods in installments or pay by installments. Personal manager.


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