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Nutrimax Professional Brazilian cosmetics for hair

Nutrimax Keratin is a premium cosmetics for keratinizing procedures. The products are manufactured in Brazil. That provides a guarantee of long-term results and safety of the procedure. Means from Nutrimax brand contain oils, plant extracts and vitamin complexes, contributing to the deep nourishment of your hair.

When used correctly, you get an effect like after the salon. It lasts from three to six months, depending on the degree of damage to the strands. 

Nutrimax brand history

Brazil is the birthplace of keratin straightening. It was there at the beginning of the XXI century that this procedure appeared. Initially its purpose was to smooth the unruly, curly curls of Brazilian women. But the use of this technology has spread beyond Brazil and is now used everywhere. Such manipulation of the strands was appreciated, because before none of the procedures gave such a strong effect after the first application.

Keratin Nutrimax is a sub-brand of keratins produced by Soller. In Ukraine keratin straightening came only in 2010. Soller was founded as one of the first companies.

The distinctive feature of this keratin is the strong straightening qualities. It can smooth out even the strongest curl.

Advantages of professional hair care cosmetics

The quality of hair can deteriorate. This happens because of changing weather conditions, lack of vitamins, stress, poor nutrition or grooming. Of course you can go to the salon and do hair restoration treatments there, but why when there is professional Brazilian Nutrimax cosmetics.

Hair is a dead element, but it still needs care. When they are depleted, they lose their silkiness and shine. Which can have a negative effect on your appearance. The advantage of professional cosmetics is that your roots and strands get deep care, they become beautiful not only externally, but also filled with a charge of useful microelements with a cumulative effect. When using professional products, the number of split ends is noticeably reduced, and the effect of the procedure is maintained for a long time.

Due to the nutrition received from the treatment, the ends will cease to be dry and brittle, allowing you to grow the desired length. Professional care will strengthen hair follicles, greatly reducing hair loss.

Blondes, whose hair is more susceptible to damage will accept the professional cosmetics from Nutrimax. The elements included in the care cosmetics from Nutrimax do not spoil the structure.

Professional keratin is the health of your hair. Thick curls, their growth, smoothness and softness - all this you can get with keratin nutrimax anti volume. It will free you from permanent straightening of your hair with a hair dryer, negatively affecting its structure.

How keratin works

Hair is made of keratin. That is why keratin straightening gained high popularity among those, who would like to achieve the natural shine, straightening and natural beauty of their hair. When keratin is used, it "seals" the scales.

When a curl is healthy and not dry, the scales it is covered with are located in the direction from the bulb to the tip. When their structure is disturbed, the scales change their original position. As a result, the strands no longer look healthy.

With nutrimax keratin you can restore the health of your hair. Soller keratin extremely moisturizes the damaged areas, improves their structure along the entire length, makes the strands smooth, and creates a protective coating, which provides resistance to the negative impact of external factors.

With the help of cosmetics for hair from Nutrimax, you can make keratin straightening at home or in the salon. However, keratin straightening must be done following the instructions. Because if you do not comply with all the points prescribed in the protocol, you can not get the desired result, and ruin the curls. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the technology of keratinization on our site or address to a beauty salon.

Where to Buy in Europe

You can buy professional keratin for all hair types in Ukraine in the Brasil-Prof online store. Nutrimax brand is presented in volumes of 1 liter, 500 ml, and also in three jars of 60 milliliters. You can order Nutrimax keratin with inexpensive delivery to the following cities of Europe: Warsaw, Kyiv, Rome, London, Budapest, Berlin and all over Ukraine.