Today such procedure as keratin hair straightening is very popular. The essence of this method is the elimination of electricity and smoothing the cuticles with the help of liquid keratin. Keratin straightening helps to make the hair more manageable, healthy and silky. After the procedure is done, you can forget about hair problems for 3-6 months.

Main types

кератиновое выпрямлениеThe purpose of keratin straightening is to restore distorted curls and make them aesthetically pleasing and manageable. Basically, the hair is subjected to deformation due to the negative influence of weather conditions.

Keratin is divided into two types - American and Brazilian. But, everything depends on the manufacturer and the composition, so it is worth choosing high-quality keratin.

American preparations contain a substance methylene glycol, which is safe for human curls. Such a product is expensive compared to the Brazilian preparation. But it justifies its price, because the American keratin contains an abundance of natural and useful substances, as well as biological additives.

Brazilian products help to provide a durable and long-lasting result. But because of the content of such a component as formaldehyde, it evaporates when in contact with the technique for straightening hair. This affects the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and everything settles on the lungs.

FELPS brand keratin is Brazilian, but it is one of the few preparations of the South American continent that does NOT contain formaldehyde.

Advantages and disadvantages, contraindications

плюсы и минусыThis procedure has both pros and cons. But the advantages are considerably more. The most important advantage is the improved combing, straightening and styling of hair. After keratin straightening curls become smooth and manageable, and also gain a spectacular shine. Even in bad weather, hair does not get deformed and keeps its former look. Keratin provides protection from cold, wind, sun and other weather factors. Another advantage is that this method is suitable for women with different types of hair.

Unfortunately, straightening with the help of keratin has a few disadvantages:

  • The presence of formaldehyde. It is included in some special products. This substance negatively affects the state of human health.
  • Possible stress to the hair. With an abundance of keratin, hair becomes heavy. Because of this, they can fall out.
  • Regular contamination of the curls. The head has to be washed more often because of the strong greasiness of the roots.

This procedure is strictly forbidden to try for certain categories. The list includes people with cancer pathologies, pregnancy, asthma, allergies to keratin, hormonal failures and androgenic alopecia. It is also forbidden to try this method for people who are taking antibiotics, have injuries and diseases related to the scalp.

Straightening with keratin is an excellent procedure, which can bring the hair in order, as well as make it healthier and smoother. If the procedure is carried out competently, the curls will acquire an aesthetic appearance.